Small town life has it own benefits

Life in a Small Town

Red and white cow on green grass 300x225 Life in a Small TownOk, I will admit it I do like small town living. Don’t tell the people from my hometown cause I will never hear the end of it. Yet living is a small town does have its perks. Well, and it has its drawbacks too.

This week is an outdoors week. Time for me to extol the benefits and glories of being out in the open air and getting healthy. Last time we had an outdoor week I talked about outdoor activities you could do while in the City. Since I did the city mouse angle it is time to do the Country mouse this time around. I talked about the joys of camping in your backyard. That got a lot of fun engagement on social media. Now I want to talk about small towns. The wide spot in the road. Often joked that if you blink you will miss it. Many small towns are like that. my favorite small town might have 100 people in it. It’s so small it doesn’t even have a post office anymore. Now that is small.

So, do I like small towns? Well, that can be seen as complicated. There are benefits and drawbacks to both city life and country life. So I can say that one is better than the other. but for me, I find a lot more benefits in being in a small town than I do in a city.

Yeah, a city has more activities but the drawbacks are more crime and traffic. While small towns have more people who’re noses are stuck all inside of your business because they have been around since before you were even born. So they have a weird vested interest in what you are doing.

So this week I found a video on Wide Open Country talking about why Living in a Small town is better. The video that is included has some great points but the following video after the commercial also has some very jovial jabs at small town living. So whether you love small towns or can figure out why anybody would spend their lives in one, well, maybe this will help answer those questions. Then again maybe it will only make a few more questions.

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