most effective leadership is ego free

Leadership without Ego

Leadership is one of those things that many people seem to start out as a good guy but end up being full of themselves.

They develop an ego if they don’t have one to start with. Now some argue that it is good to have an ego. Especially if you know what you are doing. If you are egotistical and you don’t have a clue then you end up looking like a douche bag.

So Bob Davids Gives a great talk about the rarest of rare commodities out there. and that is leadership without an ego.

Bob talks about the difference between LEadership and management. He explains in great terms that Managment is controlling.

He talks about the control restrains where you have Fast Good and Cheap but you can only pick two. In other words, you can have fast and cheap but it’s not going to be good. IF you want fast and good it’s not going to be cheap.

When it comes to leading you can’t push a person. That is because they are so unpredictable. Yet, if you lead a person they will follow.

He talks about how leadership is a gift. The people that you are leading will give you some power. If you return that power those same people will trust you with more. The amount of power will continue to grow, as long as you give it back. The moment you take any power for yourself those people will start giving less power to you. That my friend is an important message.

That message needs to be shared with all.

So watch through the ted talk I am trying to find speakers but darn it TED is such a great platform for information. So take what Bob has suggested and start leading.

Photo by Val Vesa on Unsplash

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