Who doesn't love a good happy dog?

Its International Dog Day

Today is man’s best friend’s day. Isn’t it awesome? What can a person say about the loyalty of a dog? So much about how a dog can make a guy feel welcome and appreciated.

Dogs they make us happy. That seems to be their primary goal in life.

So today we celebrate the purest of friendships and adoration from one of the creatures to ever walk the earth. That is because this animal is more than just a pet they are mourned when they pass. They are celebrated and shown off when they are adopted. They are Instagram stars and some of the biggest comical personalities I have ever witnessed.

So go buy you Fido, Scooter, Fifi, Rex, Scout, Snickers, Pixie, Dasher, and Dante a bone from the town butcher, take them for a walk, scratch their belly till their leg does the flopping thing.

Dog here’s to you.

Thanks, James Barker for the featured Photo

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