Displaying a turkey

How to Carve A Turkey and Display it

There are folks, and I was one who for a long time wanted traditional Thanksgiving. That is a whole bird and all all the fixin’s

There is a reason that these traditions are in place. So when someone asks I always tell folks to try the tradition. It taps into something about being the man of the house and carving the turkey. It is a satisfying sensation to be able to perform that first cut and then share it with those closest to you.

So this video is for those who want to carve a turkey but you may not have the space. To do a full on turkey carving tradition but you want to have a full bird available for the friends and family. You can carve up the tasty turkey and arrange it so it is ready to eat and usually appealing. So they this out of you like. If you want to know how to carve a bird at the table then see Tomorrow’s video.

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