How the Law of Attraction Works

So we talked about scarcity mindset last week and why it drags you down. This week is about abundance. As I was looking for material to share for today I found that the whole abundant and scarcity ties in with the Laws of Attraction. which is apparently tied in with the Secret which I have never seen but I will have to see about the book.

So today we are talking about the Law of Attraction. Many people seem to think it is a woo-woo type of belief system when in reality it is a mindset that attracts your desires to you. Look at it as a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you focus something bad happening it’s going to happen. That is what happened to me when I first got a managerial position.

Right off the bat, I told myself to don’t screw this opportunity up. What did I do? within 2 months I was back in a truck because I screwed it up. My mindset was that I wasn’t worthy of that position. So I didn’t keep it. Now If I was to be offered the position again I would take it and know that I would succeed at the position because I would have a different mindset.

So here is a great explanation as to what the Law of Attraction is I hope it helps in your adventures.

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