Great Leadership Traits

What are some of the best traits for a good leader? Some people think that there are to the upwards of 50 to 100 traits and qualities that make a good leader. Many of them can be argued and debated but there are at least seven traits that are important for a leader to have.

So this weeks video is by LearningREADifined. This a channel about personal and business improvment. He mad a video about the 7 Great Leadership Traits found in all good leaders.

Positive Energy

These are the peope who are thremostats not themometers. They are able to change the mod of a room when the need arrives. He can help inject energy into the team If the mood starts to sour. The Positive leader can inspire people to give that final push


A leader wont just idlaly stand by and watch his t3eam struggle. He will often get in tht etrenches with them. This whole action creates respect amougst the team

Delegate compleatly

There is delegating then there is micromanaging. A good leader will tell you what needs to be done and then step out of the way so that you are able to shine. As long as you get the end result how you get there isn’t important.

A good leader will not hover over you. They will come back and check for progress not to see if you are following their prescribed steps


Ofen called the open door policy. Leaders have to be able to handle people coming to them to ask questions for clarifications and other issues that may arrise. An approachable leader is often seen as patent and a good listener.

Do what they expect of others

If you are expected to admit your mistakes. then shouldnt your leaders? If the leader of the team says put your hands in the foul smelling goo, wouldn’t you be more willing and respect that leader if you saw them elbows deep in the same smelly gunk?

Great leaders will do what they expect other to do. Becasue it is a sign that they know what you are experiancing. They are more connected to their team.

They are accountable

A good leader will fess up when they screwed up. They wont pass the buck. This trait in a leader inspires men to follow them and worrents the highest of respect. They know they messed up and it is better to fall on their sward the to inflict pain and disrespect against

They are decisive

This is a tough one. No man knows it all. Tough decissions are hord to make. So Leaders will gather all the information they can by asking questions then they will make a decision. Then they see it through. It may get a bit harried yet often the gamble pays off.

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