here are some essential mastermind points

Essentials to a Good Mastermind

Masterminds, maybe you have heard of them. They are, in a nutshell, a group of people who are vested in seeing you succeed in whatever objective you have set. These people often become your best friends but these people are there to make sure you are performing to the best of your abilities as you make different decisions with your life.

The members of your mastermind group will tell you when you are lying to yourself. They will cheer and celebrate when you hit a goal. Masterminds are the oil to your success engine. It helps to make sure everything works great.

There many key points to mastermind along with many different types of masterminds. Yet there are 5 key essential parts that need to be in a good mastermind. That is where This weeks video comes into play. Ray Edwards is known for his Copywriting skills but he is also in several different masterminds. He accredits these masterminds to his success.

His video talks about the five “C” a masterminds needs for it to be good.


You have to have a reason to bein your mastermind. You need to be clear about what you are needing. What is your objective to being in a mastermind? If you don’t have a “why” you will basically have a hangout group.

Therefore make sure you know your “Why” If you are having trouble finding your goal you mastermind can help provide that clarity too. If you are stuck they are the filter that helps clear out that muddy water.


For a mastermind to work you have to trust the people are there to make sure you achieve your best. That means you have to share with them ideas that you are harboring.

Let your mastermind group know what you are planning. Let the group think happen between them. The answers are often a genius because they are able to see the big picture too. Even when we are lost and can’t see the forest for the trees.

Your Mastermind group will work for you and your expertise will help the others in that group too. So it is a symbiotic relationship. They are scratching your back as you scratch theirs and everybody wins.


A mastermind group will call your bluff. As Time goes on they get to know who you are and they will see when you are telling yourself a line. So your mastermind group has to be able to call your BS, and yo have to be OK with that. They are there to shoot as many holes in your plan as they can. So when you launch the idea still floats.


If you are about to venture into unknown territory you mastermind should feel free enough to give you warnings. They should be able to caution you if you are doing something completely out of left field.

More than likely you will also have someone who has been down that road before so they are able to warn you of potential pitfalls and dangers. So it does you good to listen and at least acknowledge your masterminds thoughts of caution.


The biggest part of a mastermind is that they instill confidence into you to try that scary jump. You know what to be cautious of. They have tried to blow all the holes in your dream as they can and yet it still looks good. They added their own parts to your project. because they knew exactly what you were aiming for. So you are able to step off that cliff with confidence.

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So those are the 5 “C” that all masterminds need to have. So find a mastermind group If you need help finding a group then hit me up I would like to see if I can find a good mastermind group for you. I do have a group for people wanting to quit smoking if you are interested you can sign up. Do you have any questions about masterminds? Ask them in the comments below.

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Huge fan of social media while I also am passionate about helping young men embrace their masculinity. I also love spending time in the outdoors.