Grieving in silence isn't a good way to deal with your grief

Dont Grieve in Silence

Ok, This week we are getting back on track but to do that there is a grieving process. This process is a natural part of coping with the loss of a loved one. Yet many people especially us guy we like to go at it alone and in silence.

This Stoic approach may help us feel noble and strong when we are faced with a moment of weakness. Yet Rachel takes the approach to share your grief. Talk about what you are going through. She poses a very good position on why staying silent isn’t good for you nor those around you.

The story of her dad struck home. not that I have had any problem with addition but I have seen people who internalize their sorrow and then slowly lose everything. Often they turn to an addiction of some sort. This manifestation of grief is a good example as to why you want to grieve for the loss in some fashion.

Let everybody know about your grief. Let everybody grieve. That includes your kids. Grief allows everybody to grow stronger. Rachel advocates letting kids grieve alongside the parents. Don’t hide it. don’t sugar coat it. It is a good take and a good talk listen and see what you think.

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