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Why Have a Mission Statement

Been working on getting your foundation setup. You have your core values and making them be your guiding principles in your life decisions. The next step is to shape your mission. What is your mission from God?

giphy Why Have a Mission Statement

When you have your mission your path becomes a lot clearer and direct. It is as if you found the expressway instead of taking the surface streets to the other side of town.

So this week we are going to the next step of making your mission statement. So we are looking to Rabbi Simon Jacobson and why you want to have a mission of statement. That objective to why you are doing what you do. Does help you find give bearing to your direction.

Fear Holding You Back

Fear is one of those emotions that can sneak up on you and out of “Safety” keep you from reaching your goals. Fear is the basis of many other negative emotions. Like anger anxiety procrastination. Call of form out of a fear of a task or job at hand.

The fear you hear in your head, might be trying to keep you safe and comfortable but if you step out of that comfort zone for a little bit you will grow.

Shift Your Focus with the Questions You ask

I wanted to dive just a little deeper in the area of you are what you say to yourself. This is a big key to changing your mindset. Not only the words that you say to yourself have an influance but also the questins you ask yourself and even your Self.

Some folks call Your inner self your subliminal mind. Then there are people who may call it your unconcious mind. Which ever way you want to describe it. Asking questions causes you to change your focus.

Asking questions is a part of a leader. You maybe known as the answer man but to get the answer you have to ask questions. Not just general low ball questions, but quality questions that you and you mind can ponder on and find the rught answer that will propell you to the next level.

Tony Robbins talks about how askign questions can affect your focus. Why you want to ask those questions so that you are focused on reaching your full potential.

There are good questions and there are horrible questions to ask. If you are always asking why you are so dumb your brains going to give you the answer to why you are dumb. So choose good questions.

How to Care For a Sleeping Bag

Ok, Sleeping bags, How do you care for them? Well, that is important to know because there is a whole lot of material in a sleeping bag. You don’t want that investment that you spent on a good bedroll to go to waste. It will if you don’t take care of your sleeping bag. After a couple years of negligent care that $300 sleeping bag wont be worth squat.

So how do you care for a sleeping bag?

The guys at Outdoor Vitals give you lots of pointers on how to keep your sleeping bag functioning at top performance.

While out in the wilds you want to turn your bag inside out and let it air out. THis helps to dry out the fibers so that the following night you will be nice and warm.

The Biggest pointer is… Don’t leave it rolled up after you get home. Don’t leave your sleeping bag stored in its compression bag. Unroll the bed and let the down or synthetic fibers relax and breathe. That way they don’t stay mashed down and lose their loft and initiation abilities.

Next is use a sleeping bag liner which is basically a sheet for your sleeping bag does the same thing as a bedsheet. That is it wicks the sweat and oils produced by your body so that your Sleeping Bad or mattress becomes dirty as fast.

If you do need to wash your bag then. There are some specific points to know about especially if you are using a down filled bag. The super-secret ingredient to keep your down soft and fluffy is to use tennis balls. They bounce around and beat the feathers loose so that they are fluffed up correctly.

Drying that huge mound of material can be challenging. And Outdoor vitals says you will be drying the bag on low most of the day. They also mention that you may want to wash your bag in the bathtub if you do not have a front loading washer. The agitator will destroy your sleeping bag.

So there you go. You now have the very basics of caring for your sleeping bag. Hope this helps you stay nice warm and comfortable as you go out camping the coming spring.

Where Did the Bad Words Come From?

This week I am for some reason really noticed how put off I am with the language we seem to be using more and more. Maybe I am getting old, or maybe I am starting to appreciate the power of words.

Either way, I was looking around and found this video by VSauce. (My son will be proud) The Video talks about how different words came from different class structures. Clean words were from Latin and dirty words came from the poor germanic spoken words. I know darn Germans.

He also talks about how words evolve to become bad. Words that were bad before are not kind of accepted. There are also different types of bad words according to the video A Badman is an effeminate man. Who Knew!

Types of swearing

Come to find out there are a few different types of swearing.

Abusive swearing – This is when you are cussing someone out. We use to say when I was a kid, calling them every name but a white kid.

Supernatural swearing – This is pretty much died out but in Elizabethan times they thought using Gods name in vain would actually hurt god. So they came up with words like gadzooks. Which were apparently is a morphing of the words Gods hooks or the nails that held Jesus to the cross?

Emphatic swearing – use them when you’re not supposed to, yet you say them to get your point across.

Idiomatic – Relaxed Cussing that is often found around friends

Dysphemism – another way to say crude. So saying the crazy farm for the term for an asylum

Cathartic – This is the cuss words you yell when you get hurt.

So we now know why we cuss hear the full story on Vsuace.

Thhe words you use in your mental conversations and discussions will manifest itself in real life.

Words Influance your Relationships

What you say to yourself has a profound effect on how you act. The words you use and tell yourself are far more powerful than what you would like to think. If you are lacking self-confidence, you might look at what story you are telling yourself. Are you often making the statement to yourself that sounds like, “Man, you are stupid? No wonder nobody takes you seriously.” That lie will keep you from achieving everything unless you change your words.¬†Question why you say the words you say to yourself.

Leaders Basement injects a good concept that I find myself doing all the time. I have mental arguments all the time whether it is with my wife or my boss or the guy who just cut me off. These mental arguments we have are also us telling ourselves a lie and worse it affects the relationship we have with that person. You think your boss is uncaring? Pay attention to the mental fights you have with your boss. now make a change as to how your boss is treating you. Keep on top of those mental discussions. Then notice the attitude you have towards your boss. It will start to get better as we start to correct that wrong mindset.

This can also work with the relationship with your wife. Maybe you have mental fights about money. Start having mental conversations and discussions about finances and watch your attitude change. The stories we tell ourselves affect more than what we want to admit. Because of that, we don’t get to live life fully and with the intention we desire. So make that change and see people in the light you would like to see them in.

Where did Auld Lang Syne come from?

The Origin of Auld Lang Syne

One of the biggest traditions we have for the new year beside setting resolutions or goals is that we sing Auld Lang Syne at midnight. Yet why do we sing this particular song? That is actually a easy story to tell

There was a big time band director by the name of Guy Lombardo and in the 20’s he started playing this song at the stroke of midnight. And he kept it up till his death in 1977.

Yet the song didn’t stop with his passing. The song is actually several hundred years old and originated in Scotland. It was orginally ment as a farewell song. Often played at Graduations and funerals. This is because the song actualy means Old Long Since. In other words for the god old times.

So as you go out tonight to celebrate making it around the sun one more time. now you will know that the song you sing is more about that last year was not that bad and there were times to be remembered. Those memories though good or bad are what make you. So drink a pint and enjoy, but get home safely so get a ride home don’t drive. There are way to many amateur drunks, who are going to be out tonight. So be safe have fun.

To everyone, I wish you peace love and happiness. Next year is going to be fun, and I want you to be along for the ride.

If you are wondering if are they just repeating the same words over and over? Well pretty much sort of in a way. but not really so here are the lyrics with the scottish words and the english translation.

Here is a video of 10 strange christmas traditions

Odd Christmas Traditions

You know how I was saying that there are some new Christmas Traditions you can partake in? Well, I thought it would be fun to look at some of the older more unique christmas traditions found through out the world.

Yeah Everyone has heard of Krampus and that sounds like it would be a fun event to attend with all these scary dudes walking around leaving candy or sticks in peoples boots. While at the same time smacking random people with switches.

There are other traditions especially in Catalonia where they have a dude who is Taking a load off of his mind called The El Caganer which mean the Shitter! Then there is the Christmas Log which is a log with a cartoon face the poops out presents for the kids! Yippee!

So sit back and enjoy this short video made by INSH as they show you some other odd traditions. Now I am going to go watch my donald duck shows.

Listen to a Christmas classic in a new slightly depressing light

Christmas Carols in a Minor Key

The power of keys. I never understood what the key of “whatever” meant and what the changes to the key scale did to a song. The Guys at Classic FM must have understood that I was thinking this and shared it out for everybody to enjoy. Is a song lifting or is it a funeral march? The Key is what is important. I am not a music major so I will let you witness it yourself have fun.
Merry Christmas!

Setting A Goal and an Easy Way to Achieve It

Well, the end of the year is coming up. It is time to think of Christmas and family, yes but it is also time for you to start thinking of next year. Why? Well honestly if you want to achieve success in anything in life you have to stop flying around by the seat of your pants.

%name Setting A Goal and an Easy Way to Achieve It

You have to plan what you want to do. Do you want to get in shape? or do you want to leave your job and make your own way? Be dependent only on yourself? Then this is where the rubber hit the road. You have to plan. and to plan isn’t dreaming. Cant just dream that one day you will get out of your job. In fact, I challenge you to remove the phrase from your brain. Never say one day I will… ever again. One day never arrives because tomorrow will never be today.

So if you want to get out of the rat race and become someone who can be with their family at all the important times. You don’t want to see your kid grow up from as they are sleeping because you are putting long hours at work. Then start making goals of what you want to accomplish. That is why this weeks video is actually two. I Always seem to find a good Ted Talk about the objective I am talking about this week so I want to give other people some views. So I found one video answers the question on how to set a goal.

Then well I couldn’t help myself the Ted Talk also come in and hit it out of the park with a wonderful motivational talk by Stephen Duneier and how to take baby steps to achieve almost anything in your life. Make your goals the BHAG’s in your life. Stephen shows you can achieve what you set your mind to you just have to break it down the most attainable level. Then decide to do it.

Great talk by Stephen make you want to go out and walk 365 miles next year, and that is because that is just one mile a day. You can do it. I may do something like that. Who knows but let’s get out goals set now so we are ready for next year.