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What Children Learn When Outdoors

Children are amazing. If you have kids the opportunity for you to sit back and watch them as they learn about their environment is always on in wonder. To see kids explore and learning their own way a truly fascinating experience

This week we have another Ted talk about what nature teaches kids. The answer is a lot, Nilda Cosco. Talks about the different aspect of the world and how kids see it.

The Problem with Fear of the Unknown

You are setting in your office and you just got an email from the boss. The phrasing is a bit ambiguous but you read it as he is not happy. So, what do you do? Do you avoid the email act like it isn’t there? Perhaps you go ahead and reply, then start packing your things? When in reality you read the email completely wrong and he is going to offer you a promotion. Take …

You Don’t Really Have To Cuss

***Warning – There will be adult language in this post.*** Let me start with I dont care about which political affiliation you are with. Both sides are just as bad about pointing the finger and playing the victim. That is one reason I left that field behind about 5 years ago. In the past few years I have seen and heard somthing that bothers me. Maybe it is because I am getting older. The again …

Relaxed Male says have a Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone is having a glorious positive and happy Thanksgiving. Posts will slow down for a bit. Yet they are going to spring back up as the holidays finish up. I am building a roadmap for the direction Relaxed Male will be going to join me as I open the doors to the new and exciting things happening with Relaxed Male. SO for today as you sit down with your family, Find thanks is …

A few helpful ways that you can control your anger

Three Ways You Can Control Anger

Its friday! and time for some helpful sites that are talking about anger. We talked about how anger can make you feel powerful but in reality it is compassion that leads to strength. Then on Wednesday we convered what is anger. So now how do you take care of that anger. especially when you are dealing with others.

The Life Coach School

O6g0IXz Three Ways You Can Control AngerThe first site that will help you with managing your anger is Brook Castillo’s podcast. Her apprach to anger and how emtions affect everybody is a fresh take. Her thoughts on emotions and how they affect people are some of the most unique and freeing way to appreach handling emotions espicially anger.

Her point? Emotions are only yours. You can be made a person all day long and guess what? They are not goign to feel any negative effects from you. You not goign to ruin their day with your emtions. Now your actions are different critter all together but the feeling of anger or bitterness they have no effect on the people around you.

The only perons your emtions effect are yourself. So being angry only affects you. No one else. So Castillo brilliantly suggests why not feel love for them. It is completly your choice. Why not feel nothing but love even when that person is more irritating than sand in your underwear.

Maintaining Your Calm

Marc and Angel have a thoughtful post on how to remain calm while others are flying off the handle. THe list off 9 different ways that can help you keep the upper and calm hand while everyone else is losing their mind.funny animals 105 Three Ways You Can Control Anger

The big one is what I use to tell people when they were getting worked up, and that was Breathe! My actuall phrase was Breathe you will live longer. Often people didnt’ realize they were holing thier breath.

Other tips this power couple have are..

Be comfotable with pausing. Make intentional pauses. Let the other person who is shooting steam from their ears fume for a moment. Often the pause give out the sensation of calm. That in turns often will calm the other person down.

If you are dealing with a person who is just wanting to insite a response then the calm and silent pauses is does just the opposite too. You are no fun and they quickly grow bored.

Be Compassionate because you never know what the other person was experiancing all through the day. Also be kind and compassonate to yourself as Dr Kolts mentioned on Monday.

Talk Less because like the pauses silence has a calming effect on most people. Those who it doesn’t often show that they are uncomforable with scilence and need the input from others.

Yet remaining quite also allows for you to listen and hear what the actuall problem is. This is a big issue in todays society. Everybody is outraged and yelling, screaming and making a specticle of themselves that they dont realize that nobody is listening to their problems. If you dont have anybody listening then whats the point? Its like banging on a a locked door.


Keep a Cool Head Daddy-o

meme twenty five Three Ways You Can Control AngerAlright dads we know when you add kids to the mix your frstration levels can reach some major levels. These levels can influance your kids in ways you really dont want to them too.

So what do you do? Well Dad University has hints on how to keep calm with kids. Thesetips also help when you are around grown up kids at the office. So what can you do?

Understand what pissed you off. THere is a reason why you are ready to go aggro on little bobby, but why? Often it isn’t so much what they are doing but something else that is happening in your life. So If when you feel the screaming mean dad boiling to the surface try to step back and stop for a second.

Another good practice according to Dad U is to get in the habit of meditating. This helps you be more mindful of what you are thinking and why you are acting the way you are. With that type of awarness you are aslo able to head off any fear inducing yells.

Then finally if you cant seem to be able to control your anger around the kids and family then you mingt want to see acouncelor. All great advice.

So there you go three links that will help you in get a handle of your anger. Do you have any techniques that help you mitigateand redirect sensations of anger? Over the weekend why not share a time you got really irritated with someone and how you handled it.


Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash

How to get better sleep

Three styles of Naping

Sleep it is your best friend and worst enemy depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Often men who are battling with themselves have a hard time sleeping. They sit up late at night with things on their mind. Did they say the right thing at the job? How am I going to fix the snafu with the wife?

giphy Three styles of NapingAll of these and more can cause insomnia. Here are some ways you can get some sleep and better yet, restful sleep that will help you stay alert and sharp. That way you can stand out in the meeting and not because you had the rubber neck head bobs.

you and I know that sleep is important. there have been stories on guys who have stayed up for 3 days playing games only to die the moment they stood up. There is not only the health aspect of a lack of sleep there is also the physical effects.

So lets keep ourselves looking youthful and enegertic with these three sites that Talk about how to sleep better.

48 Sleep Hacks

Having trouble sleeping? Here are 48 sleep tips that will help your find out the hows and whys you are having troupble catching the zzz’s you want.

THe author talks about getting to bed and waking up at the same time. This is because your body actually likes a rhythm. There is talk about your cracian rhythm and the diferent stages one goes through.

There is also the unique conept of the 28 hour day that has been shown to help some people with their sleep problems. Diet and aromatherapy are also talked about. THis is a huge post that is chocked full of thoughts and ideas and concepts. So here is a good place to start.

Sleep Deeper

Alex Furgus has a few solutions on how you can get deeper more restive sleep. Now Alex has a lot of good tops and out of the ordinary ideas Like using the now popular CBD’s. He also covers substances like phenabut and also vitimin deficentcies. So Alex has covered any different ways of making sure you can achieve the deep restorative sleep you could be missing.

Sleep Naturally

Mama Natural’s blog has an impressive post on how you can get to sleep in a natural mannor. From installing black outshades on your windows, to using the white noise, or ear plugs. Her suggestions are common sense and very ehlpful.

She also talks about why you want to make your room cooler at night. I nenver knew why that was but thanks to Mama Natural now I know and knowing is half the battle.

giphy 1 Three styles of Naping

this is the relaxed male

Becoming a Relaxed Male

Who am I? man if there was ever an existential question that little Three-word sentence is it. How does someone answer that question? I remember from my childhood the best way to start a story is… Once upon a time… Yeah, that is a good start. Let’s roll with that. Once upon a time, there was a child. Who was told that he was good at listening? People would start talking and they would air …

plan out a trip to the outdoors

How to Plan for a Family Camping trip

Ok, that’s it, you’re going to take the family camping. You have decided it is time. Summers here, the kids are out of school, the little lady looks like she could use some sun. So you’re getting out into the woods. So what now? You have been camping for 20 years how do you make plans when you want to go camping? Making plans is like any other project or goal. Each project has smaller …

There are several different types of camping. What types best fit you?

The different types of camping

As I continue to reacquaint myself with camping I am learning more than I ever thought possible about the recreational activity that is known as camping. And I am realizing that people love their labels. At one time there was camping. If you had a Recreational vehicle you could go RVing. Now Camping has all sorts of off shoots. This is what I would like to talk about this week. What types of camping are …

Relaxed males list of the top 5 Television dads

The Five Best TV Dads

Lots of people like to use the Television as the babysitter. There was a time that television even told stories. Those stories often had a dad or father figure in the series. These men would often at some point of the show add guidance and direction to the family members. Dads on television were often a reflection of how society viewed men and fathers in general. Here is a list of 5 dads that showed …