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Eureka! Tetragon HD 3 Review

What if you were wanting to go out camping and you didn’t have a use for a 7 person tent? Then you may want a tent that would be better suited for a single to 3 people. Do you need a tent that has good ventilation? Looking for a tent that will keep you cool in the summer without letting bugs in? The Tetragon HD3 by Eureka! is a tent that will do the job …

Ready For The Outdoors

Hoorah! Hooray! Springtime is here. We have spent a winter being blown about. We have been fighting frost and having layers applied for our layers that I thought that I was in Westeros. Yet, finally, spring has sprung. It is time to start thinking of camping hiking and other outdoor activities. It is time for us to get outdoors again. Time to get our feet and hands dirty as we ready the gardens and our …

Why Walk Around Barefoot

Ok this week I am getting a little out there in the outdoors area. I have always noticed a big difference between my younger self and the modern self. Often I attributed that difference with my grumpiness and cranky disposition to just getting older. I heard that when you turn 40 your testosterone drops and that makes a guy cranky and grumbly. Yet I remember back to when I was young I ran around barefoot …

Sleepingo Air Pad Reveiw

When you were young you could sleep just about anywhere. Lumpy rock was just as comfortable as a feather bed. Sadly you can’t have the dynamic durability as you age. Nowadays I regret sleeping on the couch when I go to take a nap. I’m sure like you wonder where you picked up the glass back. Well If you are a hiker or just a plain ol camper you will want to find a sleeping …

What The Outdoors Teaches You About Leadership

The outdoors, mother nature, outside, however you want to express it, the outdoors is a wonderful place to be. It’s even better if you are looking to improve your leadership skills. Yeah the great outdoors is a perfect classroom for teaching people how to lead others. There are several different aspects that nature is the best teacher for leadership. Patience If anything nature can teach you it is the power and benefits of having patience. Whether …

What Children Learn When Outdoors

Children are amazing. If you have kids the opportunity for you to sit back and watch them as they learn about their environment is always on in wonder. To see kids explore and learning their own way a truly fascinating experience

This week we have another Ted talk about what nature teaches kids. The answer is a lot, Nilda Cosco. Talks about the different aspect of the world and how kids see it.

the Coleman oak point Big and Tall sleeping bag for cool weather.

Coleman Oak Point Sleeping Bag Review

So you are looking for a sleeping bag? What type of sleeping bag are you needing? Mummy bag? Well sorry, I can help you as of right now but if you are interested in your normal straight bag. I have a nice sleeping bag that will do just the trick. The sleeping bag I have used is called the Oak Point and it is made by Coleman. A name famous for their camping equipment. Most …

How to Pick the Right Sleeping Bag

Time to start getting the camping equipment setup. One piece of equipment that is needed is your trusty sleeping bag. You can bring sheets and blankets and all that good stuff but if you don’t want to keep up with all of those extra pieces then a sleeping bag is just what you are needing. Well, this months review is the ever important sleeping bag. No campsite is complete without a sleeping bag for each …

How to Care For a Sleeping Bag

Ok, Sleeping bags, How do you care for them? Well, that is important to know because there is a whole lot of material in a sleeping bag. You don’t want that investment that you spent on a good bedroll to go to waste. It will if you don’t take care of your sleeping bag. After a couple years of negligent care that $300 sleeping bag wont be worth squat.

So how do you care for a sleeping bag?

The guys at Outdoor Vitals give you lots of pointers on how to keep your sleeping bag functioning at top performance.

While out in the wilds you want to turn your bag inside out and let it air out. THis helps to dry out the fibers so that the following night you will be nice and warm.

The Biggest pointer is… Don’t leave it rolled up after you get home. Don’t leave your sleeping bag stored in its compression bag. Unroll the bed and let the down or synthetic fibers relax and breathe. That way they don’t stay mashed down and lose their loft and initiation abilities.

Next is use a sleeping bag liner which is basically a sheet for your sleeping bag does the same thing as a bedsheet. That is it wicks the sweat and oils produced by your body so that your Sleeping Bad or mattress becomes dirty as fast.

If you do need to wash your bag then. There are some specific points to know about especially if you are using a down filled bag. The super-secret ingredient to keep your down soft and fluffy is to use tennis balls. They bounce around and beat the feathers loose so that they are fluffed up correctly.

Drying that huge mound of material can be challenging. And Outdoor vitals says you will be drying the bag on low most of the day. They also mention that you may want to wash your bag in the bathtub if you do not have a front loading washer. The agitator will destroy your sleeping bag.

So there you go. You now have the very basics of caring for your sleeping bag. Hope this helps you stay nice warm and comfortable as you go out camping the coming spring.

A few helpful geocache links and YouTube channels

2 sites and 2 channels all Geocache

Hello and Good Friday to you. Today I really couldn’t make up my mind on whether I wanted to just help some blogger out and give them some links or a couple of YouTube channels that I really liked. So I chose both.

I found the two most active blogs about Geocaching and the two most active YouTube channels that are centered around this weeks topic. So we are wrapping up the topic of Geocaching as a way to get you and the kids outdooors before old man winter shows up.

So let’s get started and see what wonders the internet has in store for us today.

Geocaching Junkie

Now if you are like me and love the Irish then this first blog is going to be a good one. The Geocaching Junkie is a blog by an Irish geocaching addict Sarah McLarkey.

Now she doesn’t talk 100% about geocaching but many of her articles do cover this outdoor activity. The first article I came across in doing research on my Geocaching post that wasn’t the foremost authority was Sarah’s blog and she just has a writing style that lays it out in a good-natured way. She points out what she learned in 5 years of Geocaching. The lessons she points are pretty spot on from what I am hearing from other people.

Yet Sarah also talks about photography and traveling and other topics that interest her. So check it out and learn from this Irish girl who has itchy feet and a pension for looking for stuff.

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Nice little find!

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Logo Geocaching Emerald 2 sites and 2 channels all GeocacheSo you looking for the foremost authority on Geocaching? You want to know all the in’s and out’s, the do’s and don’ts, the Whys and why not? Then is your site. Geocaching crew is passionate about hiding stuff and then waiting for people to find it. Not only do they have a great app that works on both Android and iOS. They have a community of geocachers who are fervid about their outdoor activity. There are the discussion forums, though they don’t have a facebook group, I am sure there are meets ups at different times.

Their blog is all geocache. It covers tips and tricks on finding and hiding geocaches there are over 1600 posts that can help you with finding you why as you find the unknown number of geocaches around. So if you like what they provide check out their store they have some great items.

Now we have made it to the portion of the post where we are talking about youtube videos. Both of these are diehard youtubers. One is the Running expert but the other one is a guy who has been interviewed on the Geocaching blog. So let’s start with him.

Geocaching Vlogger

Now if there is anybody who likes geocaching and the culture around it I would have to say that it is Joshua Johnson pretty much the face of Geocaching. His channel Geocache Vlogger is always putting something out that is about finding, hunting, hiding, and the culture of geocaches. He also talks about some of the more interesting aspects of geocaching and the people who hunt.

Joshua also likes to talk to people who are into hiding some very devious geocaches. Which makes the adventure just that much more fun.


didn’t we just talk about geocaching? Yep, we did and they are reappearing with their YouTube channel.

Like I said earlier they are the authority when it comes to Geocaching. This channel like their blog covers the ins and goes on how to hunt and hide a geocache.

I will fault them on thieve channel I haven’t seen anything newer than a year ago so all the information is about geocaching but not really keeping up to date about the culture of geocaching.

Still, they have some great information.

So there you go we are closing the geocache week up and now that the weekend is here why not go out find some treasure and tells us on our Facebook group.