How can you Help your Pregnant Spouse with Back Pain?

Welcome to this post, “dad”! I believe a congratulation on this new journey is in order! Hats off to you for being caring and empathetic enough to clicking this link, investing and researching what you can do to help in a situation like this! Let’s go through the different ways you can help your baby’s […]

Let Boys be Boys

Returning to the topic that was started last week. We are still talking about young men and the fact that boys are not broken and that Toxic Masculinity is made up. What’s the real problem? So why has there been a rise in school shootings? Why then are so many young men grabbing a gun […]

There is No Toxic Masculinity Because Our Boys Aren’t Broken

Are Boys Broken? That is a question that is brought up in the wake of the horrible massacre that happened in in Florida. We have the normal political rantings and raving from both sides as to whether gun control is needed. Yet another group has decided to blame the sex of the shooter. They like […]

Want to be a Man? Stop Playing the Victim.

Now I am going to step into this pool because, well I have seen this issue come up over and over and over again. I am seeing young men becoming lost. They are being assaulted by all sides. These young men have schools telling them they can’t be boys. They have groups that are being […]

What You Need in your Car At Winter Time

If you didn’t realize it, the temperature in the States has been dropping all the way down to single digits. This is what people from Wisconsin call Flaps down weather. The Carolinas even got blizzard conditions. It has been so cold even Florida got a chance to partake in winter for a few days. We have […]

How to Keep Your New Years Resolution

Christmas has passed us. We should be topped off in the eating department till around the 4th of July. It is now the time for the tradition of making a new year’s resolution. Many people have a hard time keeping New Year’s resolutions. This can cause many people to give up on resolutions or even […]