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What The Outdoors Teaches You About Leadership

The outdoors, mother nature, outside, however you want to express it, the outdoors is a wonderful place to be. It’s even better if you are looking to improve your leadership skills. Yeah the great outdoors is a perfect classroom for teaching people how to lead others. There are several different aspects that nature is the best teacher for leadership. Patience If anything nature can teach you it is the power and benefits of having patience. Whether …

Shift Your Focus with the Questions You ask

I wanted to dive just a little deeper in the area of you are what you say to yourself. This is a big key to changing your mindset. Not only the words that you say to yourself have an influance but also the questins you ask yourself and even your Self.

Some folks call Your inner self your subliminal mind. Then there are people who may call it your unconcious mind. Which ever way you want to describe it. Asking questions causes you to change your focus.

Asking questions is a part of a leader. You maybe known as the answer man but to get the answer you have to ask questions. Not just general low ball questions, but quality questions that you and you mind can ponder on and find the rught answer that will propell you to the next level.

Tony Robbins talks about how askign questions can affect your focus. Why you want to ask those questions so that you are focused on reaching your full potential.

There are good questions and there are horrible questions to ask. If you are always asking why you are so dumb your brains going to give you the answer to why you are dumb. So choose good questions.

This video that is about the gift you can give yourself and everybody else by having gratitude

The Perptual Gift of Gratitude

How many times have you been told to be grateful? If you were raised by may parents you were told that you better be grateful for what you have.

Interesting how much parents know. That gratitude is a source of your happiness. This is what our video this week is about. David Steindl-Rast Talks about how even though there are people who have everything you could need to be happy. Yet they can and often times are unhappy. That is because they lack gratitude.

Then there are people who see to have nothing but bad luck. Everything seems to fall down around their ears. Often these folks see to always be as happy as a lark. Why? because you find them to be grateful. They are filled with gratitude. These folks are often described as beaming with life. They are the eternal optimist.

Why? Well, that is because they don’t have fear. Everything about their life is a gift, not a punishment. They are happy to be on the right side of the ground each day. They see that they are always on top of the world.

How to learn to live in gratitude isn’t hard. David talks about the three steps to take. Those steps are Stop Look Go. So let’s look at these gratitude steps.


As a society, we are always moving. The tempo is that of the flight of the bumblebee. There is often the thought that if you stop you will be run over. That thought is a thought of scarcity or a fearful thought.

So you want to put on the breaks from time to time. Let the rest of the world rush off on its own way. You don’t have to go at that speed constantly, and if you don’t slow down from time to time you are an old man and no experience to show for it.

So At every opportunity stop and pay attention to see the beauty that is all around us.


As the saying goes you stop and smell the roses. Take a gander at the different wonders around you. The FLower growing through the crack in the sidewalk. The sense of wonder on a child’s face as they are exploring the park. The feel of the warm sun and a cool breeze on your skin at the same time.

When you look you see what there is to be grateful about. It is hard to see details when you are flying through life at 100 miles an hour. So Slow down and look at the details and wonder surrounding you even when you are in downtown New York City. There is wonder there.


Once you see that wonder allow yourself to the opportunity to appreciate that gift life has given you. Allow a smile and the sensation of love to overcome you. You can feel the different emotions that is ok. You don’t have to show them but experience the emotion fully. This experience is where gratitude forms.

Once you have that experience you can savor it each time you remember it. You can say thanks for that experience. Because you did something hardly anybody else did and that is slow down and witness the beauty around you.

If you grateful you are not fearful. When you are full of gratitude you can’t have a life of scarcity. So find something to be grateful for and build your happiness one day at a time.


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You can have your own rite of passage

3 Links to Your Own Rite of Passage

Since we are talking about adversity and how we need to face that adversity. One way people from many different cultures showed their youth that the struggle to overcome an obstacle is through a rite of passage. I thought it would be a good way to wrap up this interesting week by giving you some links on rites of passage.

How to Create your Own (Manly Style)

If you ever want to find out how to do something manly The Art of Manliness is a great site to turn to. Lots of guys do and rightfully so. In this post the author talks about what is a rite of passage, why these rites are good, then covers the hows of making your own rite of passage.

In their article, they talk about how to Choose your challenge. You want to have your rite of passage be tough but not impossible. It is to stretch your belief in yourself. If it isn’t a challenge then, why go through the trouble?

From there you commit to the event and you let people know when you will be performing this rite. Then the last step is to have a time limit. Like any goal, you have to give it a deadline or it won’t get done.

How To Create Your Own Rite of Passage

Go on a 3 Day Vision Quest

256px Rain in the Face cabinet by Geo E Spencer%2C 1891 3 Links to Your Own Rite of Passage
If you are like me I have a fascination with American Indian culture. The traditions surrounding their vision quest and sweat lodges are elements all men, and now sometimes women go on.

The Vision quest is to help a person find their path. What are they needing to know? They are seeking direction and purpose in their life. So many times they go to their Shaman and seek a vision quest.

For modern times it may be a little difficult for you to go on a vision quest in the middle of the week. So Here is a way you can have a Vision quest with a little modern twist.

How to Go on a 3 day Vision Quest

Another view on how to have a modern rite of Passage

This link is created by Jayson Gaddis. I heard of this blog through the New Man Podcast hosted by Tripp Lanier

In this post-Jayson talks about the Call for the adventure of going on a rite of passage. many men get this overwhelming desire to do something dangerous. Get the blood pumping and feel that exhilaration of the unknown.

Jayson then covers that there is the separation from your comforts. This is looked at as you pealing away the old you. Much like how an insect sheds out outer shell. This is so that you can grow.

%name 3 Links to Your Own Rite of Passage

Then there is the initiation. We as a society have shied away from initiations because they are viewed as hazings. Yet initiations are often full of celebrations. In high school, we have high school initiations where the freshmen were kidnapped Forced to wear their underwear outside of their clothes and then they duck walked down the main street while the seniors cracked eggs on their heads and added a layer of shaving cream and baby oil to them. The whole town would come out to participate.

In the Navy, there is a WOG day. Depending on where you crossed the equator after going through an involved ritual of swimming through garbage and Kissing the slimy belly of the Royal Baby. So much goes on with this and is out of fun and then you have the honor of being called a Shellback.

Then there is the return to your world and you are then viewed in a different light because you have tackled a adversity and become a different person for it.

How to Create Your Own Modern Day Rite-of-Passage (I’m personally going through a huge one)

So there you go a list of rites of passages that you can do yourself What RIte are you thinking of doing? share it in the comment section below.

rite of passages are needed in your life

You Need a Rite of Passage

WHAM! Have you ever run into a wall? Not a literal wall, we know those hurt you get a bloody nose. Your eyes water, but I mean the equivalent of something tough to surmount. A challenge you look at and you say I can’t do that. That is impossible. How is anybody suppose to beat that! So many times you hear that phrase especially when you are fighting someone on Final Fantasy. Think of that …

Here are 7 different tactics to help you not be angry

7 Ways to Prevent Anger

Anger, we have talked about what it is and where does anger come from. Knowing about anger is good. Yet we still at times get mad. Though the bible doesn’t say it, I am sure somewhere along his story, Job threw his hands up and said, “Oh Come ON!” We as humans get angry. That goes without saying. There wouldn’t be an emotion called anger if we all didn’t get ticked off from time to time. …

Video on 3 ways you can stop being angry

3 Ways of Getting Over Feeling Angry

You ever notice that, when you get butthurt, it is hard for you to get over the initial anger? Why do we get angry so fast? Well according to Julia Kristina it could be that we have some deeply ingrained bitterness that keeps rearing its ugly head.

High Expectations

Many times we have expectations that are too high. We get angry when we expect people to have the same considerations as we do. Yet when these people fail to be as considerate as we feel we are we are let down. With that letdown, we get angry

Having Scarcity

Often we see what we don’t have. We don’t have a coffee maker in our room when you have all the free gourmet coffee you could drink down in the hotel lobby. We as people will look at a glass and see it half empty and completely ignore the water that is being added to it.

We often will have a negative experience because we can’t see the proverbial forest for the trees. Then because of that we become frustrated and angry and dismiss the whole experience as bad.

Not Setting Boundaries

This could be set to expectations also. If we do not set boundaries we are setting ourselves up for misery and frustration because the other people don’t know what the limit is. So set boundaries and stick to them. You will find that most people will have no problem with your boundary of calling before coming over.

Now we know why and 3 ways you can get past and over that angry feeling go out and make your day great. but before you go…

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Talking about suicide and how to keep out loved ones alive

Lets Talk Suicide

This week was supposed to be about smiling and how it brings positive attitudes. But, that’s not going to happen this week. Instead, we are going down a sadder road. My personal world was recently rocked by a friend of mine who killed himself. I have had people who I know who have committed suicides before, but this is the first person who was a close friend. I had a coworker who suddenly was never going …