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Ready For The Outdoors

Hoorah! Hooray! Springtime is here. We have spent a winter being blown about. We have been fighting frost and having layers applied for our layers that I thought that I was in Westeros. Yet, finally, spring has sprung. It is time to start thinking of camping hiking and other outdoor activities. It is time for us to get outdoors again. Time to get our feet and hands dirty as we ready the gardens and our …

How to Pick the Right Sleeping Bag

Time to start getting the camping equipment setup. One piece of equipment that is needed is your trusty sleeping bag. You can bring sheets and blankets and all that good stuff but if you don’t want to keep up with all of those extra pieces then a sleeping bag is just what you are needing. Well, this months review is the ever important sleeping bag. No campsite is complete without a sleeping bag for each …

A few helpful geocache links and YouTube channels

2 sites and 2 channels all Geocache

Hello and Good Friday to you. Today I really couldn’t make up my mind on whether I wanted to just help some blogger out and give them some links or a couple of YouTube channels that I really liked. So I chose both.

I found the two most active blogs about Geocaching and the two most active YouTube channels that are centered around this weeks topic. So we are wrapping up the topic of Geocaching as a way to get you and the kids outdooors before old man winter shows up.

So let’s get started and see what wonders the internet has in store for us today.

Geocaching Junkie

Now if you are like me and love the Irish then this first blog is going to be a good one. The Geocaching Junkie is a blog by an Irish geocaching addict Sarah McLarkey.

Now she doesn’t talk 100% about geocaching but many of her articles do cover this outdoor activity. The first article I came across in doing research on my Geocaching post that wasn’t the foremost authority was Sarah’s blog and she just has a writing style that lays it out in a good-natured way. She points out what she learned in 5 years of Geocaching. The lessons she points are pretty spot on from what I am hearing from other people.

Yet Sarah also talks about photography and traveling and other topics that interest her. So check it out and learn from this Irish girl who has itchy feet and a pension for looking for stuff.

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Nice little find!

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Logo Geocaching Emerald 2 sites and 2 channels all GeocacheSo you looking for the foremost authority on Geocaching? You want to know all the in’s and out’s, the do’s and don’ts, the Whys and why not? Then is your site. Geocaching crew is passionate about hiding stuff and then waiting for people to find it. Not only do they have a great app that works on both Android and iOS. They have a community of geocachers who are fervid about their outdoor activity. There are the discussion forums, though they don’t have a facebook group, I am sure there are meets ups at different times.

Their blog is all geocache. It covers tips and tricks on finding and hiding geocaches there are over 1600 posts that can help you with finding you why as you find the unknown number of geocaches around. So if you like what they provide check out their store they have some great items.

Now we have made it to the portion of the post where we are talking about youtube videos. Both of these are diehard youtubers. One is the Running expert but the other one is a guy who has been interviewed on the Geocaching blog. So let’s start with him.

Geocaching Vlogger

Now if there is anybody who likes geocaching and the culture around it I would have to say that it is Joshua Johnson pretty much the face of Geocaching. His channel Geocache Vlogger is always putting something out that is about finding, hunting, hiding, and the culture of geocaches. He also talks about some of the more interesting aspects of geocaching and the people who hunt.

Joshua also likes to talk to people who are into hiding some very devious geocaches. Which makes the adventure just that much more fun.


didn’t we just talk about geocaching? Yep, we did and they are reappearing with their YouTube channel.

Like I said earlier they are the authority when it comes to Geocaching. This channel like their blog covers the ins and goes on how to hunt and hide a geocache.

I will fault them on thieve channel I haven’t seen anything newer than a year ago so all the information is about geocaching but not really keeping up to date about the culture of geocaching.

Still, they have some great information.

So there you go we are closing the geocache week up and now that the weekend is here why not go out find some treasure and tells us on our Facebook group.

Geocaching is the largest hide and go seek game.

Geocaching: Lets Go on a Treasure Hunt

Who doesn’t like a good treasure hunt? We all went treasure hunting at one time.  My best friend and I in school once saw an incredibly bright rainbow and so we took off to go find the end of the rainbow so we could get the gold. Well as you probably know **Spoiler Alert** there is no end of a rainbow. They are in fact round. That and they are refractions of light. Which doesn’t …

Helpful video on what geocaching is all about

Get out and find some cache

Well we had some serious topic these past two weeks so it found that it is high time for some levity and fun.

This week we are talking about getting outdoors and exploring the world. Most people won’t. The biggest reason is everybody’s favorite radio station. WIIFM or What’s In It For Me? So here is an incentive for you Treasure.

Got your attention now right! Thought that may work. Now let’s not get excited too much we are not talking about Forest Finn’s treasure, but it does give you and your kids some adventures to talk about.

The treasures i am talking about are geocaches. These are objects that are hidden around the world just waiting for you to come by and find them. Now you can find them the way I found my first one which was just by tripping over it.

Another way you are able find Geocache is by using both a geocache app and your phone. You might also look to getting a handheld GPS device so that if you get deep into GeoCahcing you can find the more obscure treasures that are off the beaten path and likely you will find yourself without cell signal.

The big dog in the geocaching world is Geocaching. This site has several cool elelments that they have contributed to this activity of hide and seek. From not only a huge mapped out database of different caches. They also have products like Geocoins that you can buy and send out into the word. Geobugs, and Trackable codes tags qr codes and many more ways for you to report that you were able to find that long lost easter egg.

So lets get outside while the days are still nice and start finding out this amazing world of geocaching.

Featured Photo by Michael Aleo on Unsplash

look to other cultures on how they handle their grief

How Others Handle Grief

OK, let’s wrap this week of a downer with a little bit a levity and learn a thing or two. This Friday linkfest is about different funeral customs and some interesting people who were buried in interesting ways.

15 different funeral customs from around the world.

Whether you have Jazz funeral in New Orleans or you have your body stuffed in a tree. Scoopwhoop found several interesting ways for a final send-off. Papua New Guinea takes the winner in my book not only do some people eat their dead. UGH! There is also a tribe that lops off their fingers as a way to scare off evil spirits. Yeah, I wouldn’t mess with them either if they did that. Not that they could fight if they had 10 or more funerals behind them.

There is also Fantasy coffins in Ghana. Then there is the custom of burying your loved one in the kitchen!

Other Funeral Customs from around the world

In this article, You have some cross over to the previous link. Yet there are a little more details in the customer of funerals.

The Torajans don’t bury their dead. Nope, they stay hanging out in special houses made for them. People bring them food and sit and visit with them. talk about keeping the relationship alive. The Torajans do just that.

They also talk about how Judaism perform their funerals and that there is no cremation and the body can’t be left alone till it is buried.

There is the belief in Islam that grave dirt can’t touch the corpse. And that they are buried laying on their side so they are facing Mecca.

Then there is Catholicism and Hinduism and a few more who have fascinating ceremonies

Odd funerals

Now let’s talk about how individuals like to express their life after they have passed. Some like to still be the life of the party. While there are those who would rather be bowling.

People are strangely fascinating in their own ways. From being buried on their motorcycle While Taiwanese seem to like strippers a lot.

Since we are all terminal many chose to keep their personality going strong. So Hope you enjoyed it and will be even more positive next week Be safe!

Do you have an emergency kit for your car?

Your Emergency Car Kit

Now to start off with I want to put out there that I am not a mechanic. I can do some basic maintenance. Like Change the oil and such. With that said, this is a practical non-mechanics car kit. A mechanic may recommend some other tools and have some other bits of advice. When you are traveling, and that include to work. You can and at some time run into trouble. Now that trouble may …

What do you need to a cars winter emergency kit?

What You Need in your Car At Winter Time

If you didn’t realize it, the temperature in the States has been dropping all the way down to single digits. This is what people from Wisconsin call Flaps down weather. The Carolinas even got blizzard conditions. It has been so cold even Florida got a chance to partake in winter for a few days. We have finally gotten some cold weather. Well, it is winter after all. If you haven’t winterized your car yet, well you …