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Why Walk Around Barefoot

Ok this week I am getting a little out there in the outdoors area. I have always noticed a big difference between my younger self and the modern self. Often I attributed that difference with my grumpiness and cranky disposition to just getting older. I heard that when you turn 40 your testosterone drops and that makes a guy cranky and grumbly. Yet I remember back to when I was young I ran around barefoot …

Here are 7 different tactics to help you not be angry

7 Ways to Prevent Anger

Anger, we have talked about what it is and where does anger come from. Knowing about anger is good. Yet we still at times get mad. Though the bible doesn’t say it, I am sure somewhere along his story, Job threw his hands up and said, “Oh Come ON!” We as humans get angry. That goes without saying. There wouldn’t be an emotion called anger if we all didn’t get ticked off from time to time. …

Cann you gain strength through anger?

Anger and Strength

Well, last week didn’t go quite as planned. So I am taking a mulligan for another swing at anger.

I have always taken anger as being an almost useless emotion. in men self-improvement, we have to find a way to address this particular emotion. My original approach to anger was that it does nothing but cause more trouble than it fixes. As I have been learning about the value of emotions even anger has a purpose. The problem is when you mix anger with an action like aggression as mentioned in last weeks video with Tripp Lanier.

This week video is yet another Ted Talk, but we are talking to Russell Kolts who has a different angle for anger. He uses COmpassion focused therapy. Which sounds interesting in my book. since I think that the person you have to learn to be compassionate for is yourself. That whole thought is still being fleshed out so I am going to hold off of going deeper into that rabbit hole, yet it may be that Dr. Kolts and I are on the same road, because we are our own worst critic. So it stands to reason that you would be harder on yourself than anybody else.

As Dr. Kolts mentions at the beginning many people see anger and aggression with the sensation of being powerful and to a point is to understand how it can have that feeling. but many people also don’t like the feeling of lost control when they do lose it and start screaming and yelling and throwing stuff.

So let’s sit back and listen to what Russell Kolts has to say about using compassion access the ultimate form of strength.

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Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash

Grieving in silence isn't a good way to deal with your grief

Dont Grieve in Silence

Ok, This week we are getting back on track but to do that there is a grieving process. This process is a natural part of coping with the loss of a loved one. Yet many people especially us guy we like to go at it alone and in silence.

This Stoic approach may help us feel noble and strong when we are faced with a moment of weakness. Yet Rachel takes the approach to share your grief. Talk about what you are going through. She poses a very good position on why staying silent isn’t good for you nor those around you.

The story of her dad struck home. not that I have had any problem with addition but I have seen people who internalize their sorrow and then slowly lose everything. Often they turn to an addiction of some sort. This manifestation of grief is a good example as to why you want to grieve for the loss in some fashion.

Let everybody know about your grief. Let everybody grieve. That includes your kids. Grief allows everybody to grow stronger. Rachel advocates letting kids grieve alongside the parents. Don’t hide it. don’t sugar coat it. It is a good take and a good talk listen and see what you think.

smiling it improves your face value

Why do We Smile?

img 1321 237x300 Why do We Smile?There is a lot of thoughts on why we smile. The benefits have been looked at and studied but scientist and the curious for years. People find smiling faces to be more welcoming and pleasant than just a hello.

We can hear smiles in a person’s voice. It is a social indicator where we are accepted into a group.

Smiling even changes the chemical composition of the brain. So when someone says you just need to smile more to get out of a funk. You cant feel miserable when you are smiling.

There are many quotes covering the power of a good smile.

From Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolias, “Smile it increases your face value”

to “Smile, it’s free therapy.” Douglas Horton

So this weeks video is about smiling and why it is good. It is so good that it is a superpower according to Ron Gutman. Listen to him as he shows how all people have a superpower called Smiling.

it does you good to get some sleep

Sleep, it does a body good

As Americans, we pride ourselves on our ability to bust tail. I told my kids as they grew up, to make an impression. You have to make yourself a hand. Hard work and dedication will often get you pretty far in the world. This is still true. Yet, sleep is starting to have a favorable look also. The public view of sleep is starting to change. With proof being in other countries. We also see …

sleep for your betterment

A Good Nap for Your Betterment

Ah, ever wake up for a nice little nap? Be it a 30-minute power nap on a Wednesday or a nice long 2-hour nap on a Saturday afternoon. The feeling after taking a nap is one of refreshment. Especially those ones when you wake up and you have a bit of Sheet face for the next hour. Oh, naps. Yeah, you may hate them as a child but many hit about 30 and it is a glorious time.

Sadly some people look down on napping. They don’t realize all of the health benefits you receive from taking even a 30-minute nap. The US Army has found that a short power nap affects person alertness days after taking a power nap.

We often make fun of Mexico for the siesta’ but they are not the only country that has embraced the joys of a nap. Greece, the Philippines, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Nigeria all enjoy taking a mid-afternoon snooze, or if you’re from Italy it is a Riposo.

So for those scoffers who think it is productive to work all day long. Maybe this will cause you to slow up and enjoy a short break. It isn’t being lazy if it actually helps you become more productive? On top of that, it helps you live longer. So you are working towards world domination you will want to be able to live to a ripe old age.

So here you go, some eye-opening facts about why napping is good for you.



Find your focus by meditating

Need Focus? Meditate.

How many times have you found yourself unable to focus? No matter what you try to do you can’t keep your mind on task. You almost feel like you have a touch of ADHD. Your mind is changing channels faster than a bored teenager. You have tried several different tactics to try to focus. Even went as far as having a rather difficult day coffee free and no luck. Next step is to go see …

Find your spot outdoors

Finding Your Spot Outdoors

As I have mentioned several times I like the outdoors. There are mental and physical benefits of sending just half a day outside. If you are having a problem you will hear me say get outdoors. Take a break and step outside for a short while. Though you may hear of horrible things outside like pollution, and dive-bombing birds there is more to gain than to lose when you venture out on the bright side …