Men, Providing is Your Job

Married households in the US dropped from 88% in the 1960’s to 69%. This is still the majority of families. There are however also signs that many men are not taking their responsibility of being a dad seriously. With single mothers coming in second with 23%. Now I am not going to disparage the incredibly […]

Want to be a Man? Stop Playing the Victim.

Now I am going to step into this pool because, well I have seen this issue come up over and over and over again. I am seeing young men becoming lost. They are being assaulted by all sides. These young men have schools telling them they can’t be boys. They have groups that are being […]

What You Need in your Car At Winter Time

If you didn’t realize it, the temperature in the States has been dropping all the way down to single digits. This is what people from Wisconsin call Flaps down weather. The Carolinas even got blizzard conditions. It has been so cold even Florida got a chance to partake in winter for a few days. We have […]

How to Keep Your New Years Resolution

Christmas has passed us. We should be topped off in the eating department till around the 4th of July. It is now the time for the tradition of making a new year’s resolution. Many people have a hard time keeping New Year’s resolutions. This can cause many people to give up on resolutions or even […]

The Massive list of 35 Gift ideas for the woman in your life

Alright, men, it is that time of year. Where we venture into places we normally won’t go. This is when we have to venture into a very mysterious world of gift buying. These gifts for your best friend. No, I am not talking about Jimmy, and you are right he would really like that belt […]