About The Relaxed Male

Good chance you are a guy or maybe you know a man who goes out and slays the dragon for his family. Yeah, we are known for grunts and scratching ourselves, but we are loyal to our family. We are simple creatures who enjoy simple things.
quentin dr 125010 About The Relaxed MaleA late night talking with friends by a camp fire. The squealing glee as he lifts his child up to place the star on the tree. Men will break their back providing for those they care for. They are even more eager if they can stop to breathe.

We actually like to stop to smell the roses or kiss a lovers neck. Give a man a chance they will exercise a bit of charming awkward effort to make a loved one smile. We will happily feel foolish by wearing finger nail polish put on by our daughters.

This site is to help men know that it is OK and actually good for them to relax take time to find the caveman in them. Help them feel better about themselves by throwing something heavy. There are those who think the classic male has been lost. I want to say he isn’t. THe classic strong burly man is still here. He is just busy laboring under the pretension of that’s what he is supposed to do.

The Relaxed Male is about men their lifestyle, fashion, food, relationships, and our toys. This is a site that will review the equipment we enjoy. In the world of Camping, fishing, hiking, WHere man can often find himself and reconnect with who he is.