Video on 3 ways you can stop being angry

3 Ways of Getting Over Feeling Angry

You ever notice that, when you get butthurt, it is hard for you to get over the initial anger? Why do we get angry so fast? Well according to Julia Kristina it could be that we have some deeply ingrained bitterness that keeps rearing its ugly head.

High Expectations

Many times we have expectations that are too high. We get angry when we expect people to have the same considerations as we do. Yet when these people fail to be as considerate as we feel we are we are let down. With that letdown, we get angry

Having Scarcity

Often we see what we don’t have. We don’t have a coffee maker in our room when you have all the free gourmet coffee you could drink down in the hotel lobby. We as people will look at a glass and see it half empty and completely ignore the water that is being added to it.

We often will have a negative experience because we can’t see the proverbial forest for the trees. Then because of that we become frustrated and angry and dismiss the whole experience as bad.

Not Setting Boundaries

This could be set to expectations also. If we do not set boundaries we are setting ourselves up for misery and frustration because the other people don’t know what the limit is. So set boundaries and stick to them. You will find that most people will have no problem with your boundary of calling before coming over.

Now we know why and 3 ways you can get past and over that angry feeling go out and make your day great. but before you go…

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