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3 Sites that Help Kids Get Outdoors More

Teaching Kids to enjoy the outdoors is a fulfilling task you can give yourself. The ways you can get outdoors and influence kids are innumerable. It is a great way to motivate you to get outside because you are now accountable for helping kiddos to discover all the same passion for the outdoors that you have. Today I wanted to cover in the 3 links post three links that can help kids get outside more.

cast for kids logo 1 3 Sites that Help Kids Get Outdoors MoreCast for Kids  C.A.S.T. means Catch A Special Thrill is a charity that helps all kids in finding the love of fishing. No matter what their limitations are fishing has a special effect on kids. This organization is all about fishing with the kids and Warriors.

  • They have the CAST for kids which is for the special needs kids
  • Then they also have the Fishing Kids program which is designed for special needs programs.
  • Then there is the Take A Warrior Fishing program.

All three are ways you can be helping a person out while at the same time getting you out into the fresh air also.

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USAA logo copy resize 3 Sites that Help Kids Get Outdoors MoreExplore Archery is a page on the Team USA archery site. This is essentially a hub for all things about archery. You can take the information and join a club or maybe you would like to start a program yourself. Gather the needed information here and use it to expand how you can help.

You can also find out 10 reasons for teaching a kids archery is actually a good thing.

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logo yssa 3 Sites that Help Kids Get Outdoors MoreYouth Shooting Sports Alliance Then if you are into shooting sports you can also help kids find the love and passion of shooting clay pigeons in competition. The Youth Shooting Sports Alliance can help you get grants to set up a program if needed. The site also has a have links to other Youth Shooting Sports Programs. Like 4-H and the NRA.


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So maybe you can jump in and become a mentor to a child who needs help. All while you are able to spend time outdoors doing something you like. Whether you are new or experienced in fishing shooting or archery. There is an opportunity for you all you have to do is ask how you can help. Being of service to kids yields benefits beyond your wildest dreams.

Tell us how you help kids get outdoors in the comments below.

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